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IEP® Cloud learning Portal

As a brief description about IEP® Cloud learning Portal functions it can be pointed out to the components and international standards which are used in content management and the following sections function as well.

In addition, IEP® Cloud learning Portal system based on educational view point is implemented every time and everywhere learning/Training and also full secure environment in educational documents presentation based on Block Chain technology platform.


TMS(training management system) ISO29990:2010 standard ,LMS( Learning Management System ,LCMS,( Learning Content management System  ,RTCS(Real Time Collaboration System) on Special eLearning  training Standard(SCORM /TIN Can API) for  run IEP® Cloud learning Portal  include (Professional short course , long term education, Blended learning, Microlearning ,online Workshop

IPE Cloud Learning features:
Cloud learning is starting to be looked at seriously by many educational institutions as a replacement or supplement to their traditional teaching practices. One of the main reasons is as a means of reducing expensive IT costs while providing aIPE-cloud service that is easily accessible from any kind of device. Another advantage of Cloud learning is that it allows for context-based communication and collaboration instead of a standard point-to-point communication practice that is used in traditional practices. The user is able to take this information to personalize and customize their learning experience to meet their own personal needs.  The user is able to increase connections, interactions and sharing in a Cloud learning environment which allows for effective learning.

Ch1mobile learning
ch1desktop learning
ch1micro learning
ch1blended learning facilities
ch1block chain certificate credential ( block chain credential

IEP elearning Portal  Features
  • Supported Learning Types
  • Asynchronous Self-paced
  • Asynchronous Instructor-led
  • Synchronous Virtual Classroom
  • Blended Learning
Mobile Learning Support
  • Online (Internet connected)
  • Offline (disconnected Mobile app)
User Accounts
  • Browse list of users
  • Bulk User Actions
  • Add a new user
Custom/Mandatory User profile fields
  • Upload users
  • Archive users

User Roles
  • Define roles
  • Role Assignment
  • System Permissions per role
  • Teams and Team Hierarchies
User Authentication
  • Self-Registration
  • Self-Registration w. Admin Confirmation
  • Manual Accounts
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • SAML2/API Integration
  • Custom User login page
  • No login
User Enrollment
  • Guest Access Settings
  • Manual Enrollment
  • Self-enrollment
  • Self-enrollment (with a PIN #)
  • Survey enrollment (based on a response)
  • Automated Enrollment (based on User data)
  • Attendance Tracking
Course Creation
  • Built-In Authoring Tool
  • Changing Course default settings
  • Upload courses
  • Can reuse PPTs, PDFs, Videos
  • Consume online video content
  • Tests Engine
  • Survey Engine
  • Assignments Engine
  • Course backup Options
  • Scheduling LIVE events
  • Learning Paths (Curriculums)
Course Categories
  • Create new Categories
  • Assign Courses to categories
  • Manage Categories
  • Priced Categories (Bundle)
Course Format
  • Social Format
  • Weekly Format
  • Topics Format
  • Gamification
  • LIVE Videoconferencing / Webinar
  • LIVE Chat Option
  • Course Discussions
  • Learner Upload

Activity Grading
  • Gradebook
  • Gradebook comments
  • Gradebook audit trail
  • Multiple grading scales
  • Manual Grading ("Marking")
  • Course History
Badge customization
Customize Gamification mechanics
  • Grading Report Settings
  • Training Record Maintenance
  • Exporting Reports in variety of formats
  • Canned Reports
  • Automated Report Scheduling
  • Email delivery of Reports
  • Dashboards and Graphic Reports
Compliance Management
Soft/Hard Stop Due Dates
Certification Expiration Management
Due Date notifications
Certificate expiration notifications
Certificate Management
Unique Certificate by Course
Unique Certification by Curriculum
Predefined certification templates
Manage certification templates
Certification life-cycle
Interface Options
  • Ready-made Themes
  • Block Management
  • Additional external pages
  • Location Settings
  • Calendar Settings
  • Language settings
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Media embedding settings
  • Personalized views
  • Mobile Learning Support
Shopping Cart
  • Built-In Shopping Cart
  • Shopping Cart as Plug-In
System Reports
  • Live Logs
  • Email notification settings
  • Automatic email reports in predefined intervals
  • Custom reports generator
  • IP Blocker
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • Strong Passwords
  • Restrict registration to specific domains
Support for offline access to content



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